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Moulton School


Our school is organised into seven classes in single age groups.

Headteacher - Miss Birch

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Hogg 

SENDCO - Mrs Bell

SLT - Miss Birch/Mrs Hogg/Mrs Bell/Mrs Harrison/Mre Bee/Mrs Tunstall

Academic Mentor - Miss Beschorner

Class teachers


Mrs Hogg and Mrs Rogerson with Miss Ingham, Mrs Roberts and Miss Thomas

 Year 1

 Mrs Deacon with Mrs Terry

 Year 2

Mrs Bee with Mrs Scott

 Year 3

Miss Jiwa-Walji with Mrs Clayton                              

 Year 4

Miss Soffe with Miss Beschorner

 Year 5

Miss Fleming with Miss Latham

 Year 6

Mrs Harrison with Miss Beschorner 


Mrs Sharples 


Business Manager

 Mrs Tunstall             


Mrs Bell

 Site Manager

Mr Williams

 Mid- Days

 Mr Williams, Miss Owen and Miss Thomas

Mrs Cobham

 School Cook

Current Vacancy

 Kitchen Assistant

Current Vacancy